Working with Batches

Once you have created a batch and added shipments to it, you can then start applying actions to the shipments within it. The batch allows you to easily apply actions to all shipments in the batch or to work on a selection of shipments. Once you are done applying any actions to the orders in a batch, you can then print the labels for your batch!

Actions in a Batch

When working in a batch, you can perform several actions on all shipments in the batch, or on only selected shipments in the batch, whichever your workflow requires. 

In an individual batch, you can: 

  • Create and Print labels for selected shipments. We call this Processing a batch.

  • Print other batch documents, like packing slips.

  • Add a note to the entire batch.

  • Use the Bulk Update menu to update Service, Package, Weight, Size, Ship From, Insurance, Confirmation, Marketplace Notification, Packing Slip and Email Template, Customs Declarations, and Shipping Account. 

  • Use the Other Actions menu to remove shipments from a batch, move shipments to another batch, send shipment notifications, or export the batch shipments.

  • Cancel Batch will remove all orders from the batch then delete the batch.

You can also open the individual order or shipment details to view the details of specific orders and shipments, and make individual changes as needed.

Assign a Batch

When you create a batch, you either assign the batch to a specific user or ShipStation automatically assigns the batch to the user you are logged in as at the time. 

However, you can assign batches to other users at anytime. Most batch actions, including updating shipping options and creating and printing labels, can only be taken by the user assigned to the batch. All other users will have read-only access to the batch, with the ability to assign the batch to another user or enter a batch note. 

The new user will now show as the assigned user in the Batches list. This user will have full access to all actions on this batch. All other users will have read-only access to the batch, with only the ability to leave a batch note or assign the batch to another user. 

Archive a Batch

Batches can be Open, Processed, or Archived. Once you archive a batch, the batch cannot be modified or used to print documents and it will be removed from the Active batch view. 

View Shipments in Archived Batches

Shipments from archived batches will still be visible in the Shipments tab. You can still print labels or packing slips and void labels as needed from the individual shipment. 

ShipStation will then move the batch into the Archived section of the Batches screen.