Dropship Manager: ShipStation's Add-On Overview

ShipStation's Dropship Manager lets you invite multiple vendors to connect their ShipStation accounts to yours as fulfillment providers. You can then delegate orders from your stores to your vendors, who will ship them to the customer.

This workflow is ideal for sellers who operate stores that connect with multiple vendors to fulfill orders and ship to the customer.

The accounts that are associated with ShipStation's Dropship Manager:

  • Dropship Manager Account: The main ShipStation account that receives order information from your order sources.

    This account allows you to connect to a vendor’s account and delegate orders to vendors.

  • Vendor Account: The vendor’s ShipStation account which receives requests to fulfill the orders you delegated from your connected ShipStation account.

    This account is responsible for shipping the goods for your delegated orders, and it can send shipment confirmation back to your ShipStation account.

Learn more about ShipStation's Dropship Manager Add-On functionality and limitations.

Enable the ShipStation Dropship Manager Add-On

To enable the ShipStation Dropship Manager add-on:

  1. Select the Add-Ons link in the Subscription Plan section.

    the add-ons link is highlighted in the subscription plan section.
  2. Start a free 30-day trial by clicking the Enable button for the ShipStation Dropship Manager add-on.

  3. You will be notified that the ShipStation Dropship Manager add-on is now active and that you can begin to invite vendors.


Costs of ShipStation's Dropship Manager

In addition to the cost of your current ShipStation plan, the costs are:

  • $149 per month

  • $0.03 per shipment after the first 1,000 delegated shipments each month

Vendors will not pay any additional fees but must have a standard ShipStation account.

Overview of ShipStation's Dropship Manager Setup and Workflow

  • Invite a ShipStation vendor account to connect to your account with the Dropship Manager Add-On.

  • Once the vendor accepts the invitation, you can delegate orders to the vendor as a fulfillment provider.

  • You can configure carrier sharing to specify the carriers and services to be used by the vendor.

  • On your ShipStation account, the orders appear in Awaiting Shipments status until you delegate the orders to the appropriate vendor, at which point they will move to Pending Fulfillment status.

  • On the vendor ShipStation account, your delegated orders appear in the Awaiting Shipments status under the store representing your dropship manager account.

  • Once that vendor creates the label, order status information passes back to your ShipStation account within one hour, and the usual customer notifications occur.

Notes about Dropship Manager Add-On

  • ShipStation's Dropship Manager Add-On is only available on the latest version of ShipStation. (ShipStation Legacy and ShipStation mobile do not support this feature)

  • If you send shipments to a vendor via Automation Rules, we recommend that you import orders at least once a day to avoid missing any incoming orders. Learn how to set your stores to auto-update for regular importing.

  • Inventory values are not currently shared between the vendor and dropship manager accounts.

  • If a vendor voids a label, and/or if another label is printed after the first voided order, you are not notified of the voided or new label.

  • Purchase Order reconciliation between dropship managers and vendor accounts is not currently supported in ShipStation.