Can I Use UPS Ground Saver in ShipStation?

Yes, UPS from ShipStation offers the option to use UPS Ground Saver for shipments. It is not available with your own UPS account.

UPS® Ground Saver is an economy, residential, ground delivery service designed for lightweight, non-time-sensitive packages. UPS® Ground Saver offers a clear savings advantage to help you manage shipping costs and offer your customers a positive delivery experience.

Learn more about UPS Ground Saver features and requirements.

You can select UPS Ground Saver for individual shipments in the Configure Shipment Widget or by setting up an Automation Rule to apply this service to orders that meet specific criteria.

Select UPS Ground Saver for Individual Shipments

Before you can select UPS Ground Saver in the Configure Shipment Widget, make sure you accept the new Terms & Conditions for UPS from ShipStation to make this service available in your account if it isn't already.

ShipStation Carriers settings showing a notification banner for new services and the Update button selected

If you do not see the Configure Shipment Widget, make sure you have checked the option to Show Sidebar.

If an alert icon ​​"Address Verification Warning​​" icon. White exclamation point inside of an orange triangle. appears instead of a rate, it may be because the details you entered are not acceptable for the selected service type. Click the alert icon to view the alert message and then adjust your shipment configuration as needed.

Configure Shipment WidgetConfigure Shipment Widget

Set UPS Ground Saver Automation Rule

Automation Rules can help automate many order management-related tasks in ShipStation to reduce the time it takes to create labels. To create an Automation Rule you must know what action (or actions) you wish to perform on an order and what order criteria you want to use to trigger that action.

If you are unfamiliar with how Automation Rules work in ShipStation, please review the Introduction to Automation Rules article first! To learn about all the available rule criteria and actions, review the Automation Rules Criteria and Actions article.

You can set an automation rule that applies UPS Ground Saver to orders that you know will meet that service's requirements.

For this example, we are importing orders from a specific store that are all the same product, with the same weight and dimensions that meet UPS Ground Saver requirements.


For this scenario, we will create a unique rule that applies UPS Ground Saver to orders that import from a specific store.

  1. Set the first criterion to Store :: Equals :: Store Name

  2. Add the action Set Carrier/Service/Package and select the UPS Ground Saver as the Service and the package you wish to use as the Package.

  3. Save the rule.

Configure Shipment WidgetConfigure Shipment Widget