Global Advantage Program

Explanation of the Global Advantage Program (GAP), which applies to international shipments using USPS First Class or Priority services.

The Global Advantage Program (GAP) is a way for you to ship internationally that takes advantage of the trusted USPS delivery network while benefiting from the discounts and ease of use provided by GlobalPost.

When selecting USPS First-Class International, Priority International, or Priority Express International services from a connected account or from USPS from ShipStation, you will automatically receive a GAP label for your shipment.

Think of GAP as an augmented USPS service that provides the following benefits:

  • Up to 65% in savings over the retail USPS Package shipping cost

  • Automated customs forms, including HS Codes for EU-bound shipments

  • Included loss/damage coverage ($100 for First-Class packages and $200 for Priority packages)

  • Shipping merchandise in flats

  • Proof of delivery

  • Instant refunds for voided labels

  • The option to prepay duties & taxes for US to Canada shipments with a flat fee

  • Free upgrades to PMEI on select PMI parcels (call 1-888-899-1255 to see if you qualify)

The Global Advantage Program also offers the following options for even greater discounts on domestic and international shipments:

  • SmartSaver Program: Merchants who ship 5+ international shipments a day on average can realize even more savings with the SmartSaver program. See the SmartSaver section below for details on how to apply if you think you may qualify.

  • GAP Parcel Select: See the GAP Parcel Select section below for details on how to save on USPS domestic ground delivery shipments.

How GAP Works

First, you’ll create the shipping label with the USPS international service as you normally would. USPS will then direct the shipment to a domestic GlobalPost sorting facility. There, your international shipment will be relabeled for its destination, receive the appropriate customs forms, and then be sent to its final destination.

A map depiction of the US and Europe showing the path from a warehouse to the GlobalPost facility to its final overseas destination

This means the label you print will be a domestic label addressed to the Postal Processing facility instead of the final destination.

Global Advantage Program Example Label example with domestic address and scannable barcode

Using GAP with SmartSaver

For businesses that ship 5 or more international shipments per day, you may qualify for the SmartSaver program, which offers an additional 15% in savings on GAP labels.

With SmartSaver, you consolidate your individual international parcels into a single, larger container. You then send the container to the processing facility, where the individual shipments will be sorted and sent to their final destination.

To see if you are eligible for SmartSaver, call 1-888-899-1255 to speak to a GlobalPost team member or fill in the online Contact Us form to be contacted by the sales team. If filling in the form, include "SmartSaver Inquiry” in the Subject field, then choose General Questions for the Inquiry Type and ShipStation as your Shipping Platform.

SmartSaver offers three methods:

  • SmartSaver Pickup™ – GlobalPost will pick up your consolidated shipments from your warehouse and transport them to the closest processing facility the same day.

  • SmartSaver Bundle™ – Consolidate your individual shipments into one or more large containers and ship them to the GlobalPost processing facility with a container shipping label, provided at no additional cost.

  • SmartSaver Drop-off – Use your own carrier to ship your consolidated shipments to the GlobalPost processing facility. This option offers the deepest discounts!

Each method differs slightly, so you'll work with a representative to determine the right solution for your business. They will then provide you with detailed instructions on how to create the right labels for the individual shipments and containers.

In ShipStation, you will always create GAP labels by choosing USPS First-Class Int'l, Priority Int'l, or Priority Express Int'l from either a connected account or from USPS from ShipStation.

The GAP labels for the individual packages will print with the international destination address for each shipment but must be consolidated into the container with the domestic container label. Once SmartSaver is enabled for you, all GAP labels will be SmartSaver and you will no longer be able to create single-piece GAP labels.

Using GAP Parcel Select

If you frequently ship domestic orders with USPS Ground Advantage (formerly Parcel Select® ground service), you may be able to access rate discounts with GAP Parcel Select.

To create a GAP Parcel Select label in ShipStation:

  1. Contact GlobalPost to enable GAP Parcel Select for your account.

  2. Connect the account to ShipStation, if you haven't already.

    GAP with Endicia Accounts

    If GAP Parcel Select is enabled on your Endicia account, you must connect your Endicia account as a account to create GAP Parcel Select labels in ShipStation.

  3. Create a shipment in ShipStation with USPS Parcel Select®.

Once GAP Parcel Select is enabled on the account connected to your ShipStation account, all USPS Parcel Select® shipments that you create in ShipStation will print GAP Parcel Select labels.

Prepay Duties & Taxes for Canada Shipments

If you ship from the US to Canada using USPS First-Class Mail International, Priority Mail International, or Priority Mail Express International, you will have the option to create a Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipment.

Prepaid Duties to Canada Limitations

  • You can only use the prepay duties option on shipments valued under $500. If the shipment value is over $500, Canadian customs will determine the value of customs needed. This will prevent pre-payment.

  • The prepaid duties option is available only for packages that weigh 4 lbs or less.

  • The prepaid duties option is not supported for Priority Mail International Medium Flat Rate Box and Large Flat Rate Box shipments, as these package types are not eligible for DDP.

When you use this option, you will be charged a $9.95 flat fee that will pay duties and taxes in advance, rather than your recipient paying them upon delivery.

In ShipStation, there is a Duties/Taxes drop-down menu in the Configure Shipment Widget that will appear for any shipment with a destination in Canada. Select the option to PrePay Duties and Taxes if you wish to prepay the DDP flat fee. Learn more about this setting in our Bill International Duties to Payor help article.

The shipping sidebar with the duties/taxes drop-down highlighting the Prepay Duties and Taxes option.

Here is an example of a GAP label from the US to Canada:

A Priority Mail GAP example label from the US to Canada

File a Claim for Loss or Damage

GAP shipments that include door-to-door tracking are protected from loss or damage by GlobalPost. Door-to-door tracking is included automatically for both Priority and Priority Express services. To add door-to-door tracking to USPS First-Class Mail Int'l shipments, you must add Delivery confirmation.

You can file a claim for covered shipments within 90 days of the shipment date.

Requirements for filing a claim:

  • All claims must be filed by the shipper, not the recipient.

  • Claims for damage can be submitted at any time. Claims for lost packages cannot be submitted until 30 days after the shipment date.

  • All claims must be submitted within 90 days after the shipment date.

To file a GAP claim:

  1. Go to the GlobalPost Claim Form page (all GAP claims are managed by GlobalPost).

  2. Fill in the online form:

    • You will need a good contact email, the shipment tracking number and shipment date, and claim amount.

    • Do not include the shipping cost when filling in the Claim Amount field. If the claim is approved, the shipping cost will be added to your total payment.

    • For damage claims, upload an image of the damaged shipment.

  3. Send the form when all fields have been completed.

    • If you submit a partially completed form, GlobalPost will not be able to process your claim and will notify you via email. Complete any missing information on your previously submitted claim form and resubmit it, or complete a new claim.

Once a claim has been approved, the refund will be immediately credited to your shipping account. It can take up to 3 weeks for a claim to be processed. Please contact GlobalPost if you have not received a response to your claim within 3 weeks.

If you feel your claim was incorrectly denied, please submit a new claim with new or updated information.

Notes on the Global Advantage Program

  • The international tracking number on the GAP label will track the package to the sorting facility and may track the package to the destination country as well, depending on the country.

  • Shipments with insufficient postage will still be delivered and an adjustment for the remaining postage will be applied to your account balance. To avoid a post-shipment adjustment due to insufficient postage, be sure to always enter accurate package weight before creating your label.

  • If you receive an error when you attempt to get a rate or when you attempt to create a label, you may be using a account with a negotiated service agreement.

    If this is the case, your account may not be eligible for the Global Advantage Program. Please contact your representative for further information.

  • Anything deemed illegal or hazardous to ship by mail in the United States, or in the destination country, will not be accepted. Please check for any restrictions when preparing your shipment. ShipStation cannot accept responsibility, nor accept coverage claims, for items confiscated by customs authorities.

  • For help with tracking or technical support on Global Advantage Program shipments, email