Active and Inactive Products

Defining active and inactive products, how ShipStation interprets these statuses and how to set a product to inactive.

When products are active, ShipStation applies the default weights, dimensions, and other settings to incoming orders when they match order items.

An inactive product is a product record in ShipStation that still exists in the ShipStation database but does not appear in the Products grid and does not apply any of its defaults to incoming orders. This is useful for products you may have discontinued or products you have created new records for due to a new SKU or other change.

This article will guide you through how to mark products as inactive in ShipStation. For information on how to delete a product, please see our Delete Inactive Products help article.

Make a Product Inactive

Follow the steps below to mark products as inactive manually in ShipStation when you only have a few products to update.

When you have many products that you need to mark inactive, it may be easier to update your products in bulk by importing a CSV file.

Update Products in ShipStation

To make a product inactive in ShipStation:

Update Products in Bulk

To update products in bulk, follow the steps in the Update Products in Bulk via CSV section of our Update Product Records help article. It guides you through how to:

  1. Export the products you wish to mark as inactive.

  2. Update the products within the exported file.

    Be sure to change the Active column to FALSE for the products you wish to set as inactive.

  3. Import your updated file to ShipStation to set the products to inactive.

View Inactive Products

  • Inactive products do not appear in the Products grid by default.

  • To find inactive products, check the Show Inactive Products checkbox in the top-right corner of the Products page, directly above the grid.

    Product grid with arrow pointing to Show Inactive Products checkbox.