How do I use Landmark Fulfillment with Groupon ?

How to set up and use ShipStation for Groupon orders that are required to be shipped using Landmark Fulfillment.

Groupon has recently started using Landmark Fulfillment to send packages from the United States to Canada. When shipping via Landmark Fulfillment, Groupon expects small packages to be double (over) boxed. This means all orders will be boxed individually, and all those individual boxes will be placed into one larger box and shipped together to the Landmark Fulfillment facility.

Here are the steps required to process these orders through ShipStation (details in the sections below):

  • Pre-processing Setup.

  • Create Landmark Fulfillment generic label.

  • Process the orders.

  • Limitations of using ShipStation for Landmark Fulfillment orders.

Pre-processing Setup

The Groupon orders that use Landmark Fulfillment require several steps to configure. The following steps will help you to quickly locate the Landmark Fulfillment orders and will save you time by applying the shipping service and third-party shipping details automatically.

  1. Open a ticket or chat with ShipStation support and request that Groupon's Fulfillment Line Item ID be mapped as Custom Field 1.

  2. Create an order tag specifically for your Landmark Fulfillment orders.

  3. Create a Landmark Fulfillment order filter using the following criteria:

    Recipient Name :: Equals :: GROUPON C/O LANDMARK

    Order Filter example. Fields set to Recipient Name = Groupon, care of Landmark.
  4. Create a Landmark Fulfillment automation rule using the above filter as the criteria and performs the following actions:

    • Adds the Landmark Fulfillment tag

    • Sets the Carrier Service and package type to FedEx Ground, Package

    • Charges Shipping to 3rd Party using the Groupon account details

    Automation Rule about handling Groupon orders tagged for Landmark Fulfillment.


    Groupon will provide you with the Account # and Billing Zip you'll need to use for this step.

  5. Adjust your Label Document Options so that Label Message 1 uses the [Custom Field #1] field replacement (this is how the Fulfillment Line Item ID will print on the label).

    Document Options > Label Message 1 drop-down > Groupon Landmark Fulfillment

Now that your account is set up, it's time to create a custom packing slip template to use for double (over) boxed shipments.

Create a Landmark Fulfillment Generic Label

Before you start creating the shipments, you must create the Landmark Fulfillment generic label that Groupon requires for all individual boxes. ShipStation does not currently create generic shipping labels for carriers, but we do allow you to create customized packing slips that can contain what Groupon requires for these types of shipments.

  1. From the Type drop-down menu, select which size template you'd like to edit: 4"x6" or 8.5"x11.


    Be sure to choose the size that corresponds to the packing slip format you've selected in Settings > Printing > Printing Setup (indicated by the word default in parenthesis).

  2. Click + New Packing Slip Template.

  3. Name the packing slip template Landmark Fulfillment Generic Label and enter the following code into its corresponding section:

    Order Header

    <style> *{ font-size:14px; }
    <p style="font-size:18px">C/O Groupon</p>

    Order Items Header

    <p>Fulfillment Line Item ID</p>

    Order Items


    Order Footer

    <p>[Custom Field #1]</p>
    <p align="center"><barcode size="medium" type="Code128Auto">[Custom Field #1]</barcode></p>
  4. Click Save.

Process The Orders

Here's a step-by-step guide about what you'll need to do to process these orders.

  1. Import your Groupon Goods orders into ShipStation.

  2. Go to the Awaiting Shipment section of the Orders tab, then filter your orders using the Landmark Fulfillment filter you created earlier.



    You may find it helpful to add these orders to an open batch to keep them together in one location.

  3. Select all the orders and print their packing slips using the Groupon Goods template.

    Each package requires it’s own packing slip.

  4. Print the packing slips again, but this time use the Landmark Fulfillment Generic Label template.

  5. Box up the individual shipments.

    The Groupon Goods packing slip goes inside the box, and the Landmark Fulfillment Generic Label packing slip must be affixed to the outside of the box.

  6. Group the individual boxes and place them into a double (over) box, up to 24" x 17" x 12".

    Use multiple double (over) boxes if needed.

    • If an individual package you are shipping is larger than 24" x 17" x 12" then it should not be over boxed. Packages larger than that size should be shipped individually.

  7. Create a manual order in ShipStation.

    Use the same Ship To address that Groupon sent to ShipStation in the orders.

  8. Create a label for the manual order with FedEx Ground as the service. Set the Third-Party billing option and fill in Groupon's FedEx account information. (These shipping options should be set automatically on the order by the automation rule you created earlier.)

    The configure shipment panel is configured with FedEx Ground Package and third party billing options filled in for groupon FedEx.


    If you need to ship more than one double (over) box, use the multi-package shipping feature to make multiple labels.

  9. Select the original Groupon Goods orders again, and use the Mark as Shipped action to move them to the Shipped status.

    Enter the FedEx Ground tracking number from the label used on the double (over) box.

    • If you used a batch to hold the orders, cancel the open batch.

Once you've completed these steps, you can ship the double (over) boxes with your other FedEx shipments and they'll be on their way to Landmark Fulfillment.

Limitations of Using ShipStation for Landmark Fulfillment Orders

  • ShipStation can only track the double (over) box that uses the FedEx shipping label. We will not be able to track the individual packages fulfilled by Landmark Fulfillment.

  • The double (over) box should be marked with a sticker or label that indicates the package contains individual packages. ShipStation cannot generate this sticker, but you can purchase generic stickers for this purpose.

  • If the purchase price of any single item in the double (over) box exceeds $1500, the FedEx Ground shipping label will need to use the Signature Required confirmation type.