What rate discounts are available through my ShipStation account?

As a ShipStation merchant, you can access various postage and insurance discounts through ShipStation's partners.


Discounts available

USPS discounts

  • ShipStation provides the lowest USPS rates in the industry! Save up to 84% off USPS retail rates and 15% off Priority Mail commercial rates.

  • Cubic rates are available by default for qualified shipments.

Review the USPS Rates article for rate details.

GlobalPost Services

GlobalPost rates depend on package type and total weight.

  • Economy rates

  • Standard rates

  • Smartsaver rates

Global Advantage Program (GAP) via Stamps.com

Save up to 65% off the standard USPS rates for International shipments.

DHL Express from ShipStation

Up to 66% off DHL Express international postage.


Up to 67% lower than carrier insurance

Available to US-based accounts using the most recent version of ShipStation only.


Up to 60% off retail shipping insurance costs.

Available to US-based accounts using ShipStation Legacy only.

UPS from ShipStation

  • Up to 72% off UPS 2nd Day Air® service rates.

  • Up to 77% off UPS Ground Daily shipments.

  • Up to 88% off daily rates for international shipments.

  • Reduced pickup rates.

  • Additional benefits include guaranteed delivery services, no minimum shipping volume requirements, and no residential surcharges for UPS Ground® shipments.